Everything you need to know about The Incredibles 2!

The new Brad Bird film is coming in 2018
On its release in 2004, the Pixar movement The Incredibles won the hearts of every one of the ’90s children with its fun hero schtick, profound family elements, and magnificently brazen Michael Giacchino soundtrack. The long-gestating sequel is released this year: here’s everything there is to know about it, from trailers and cast updates to all that we think about the plot.

What is the release date for The Incredibles 2?

15 June 2018. 

Fans will get it one day early in Brazil – it’s out there on June 14.

Have we had a trailer yet?

Yes – so far we’ve had one proper trailer, and two shorter teasers.

The proper trailer was released on February 14, and details the changing fortunes of the family as Elastigirl gets called back into action, while Mr. Incredible portrays the role of a stay-at-home dad. Check it out below.


The first teaser was released on November 18. As the first teaser trailer, it shows Bob Parr shouting with joy to his youngest child, Jack-Jack: “You have powers – yeah, baby!” Then Jack-Jack speeds through three of his powers: turning into a fireball, emitting electric shocks, and using laser-vision, which slices Bob’s hair right down the middle.

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