Incredibles 2: Who is Screenslaver?

The returning 14 year sequel, the much awaited movie of the year is yet to release its all new characters of the movie The Incredibles 2. Directed by none other than Brad Bird, Incredibles 2 has recently released a glimpse of its super villain two weeks before. While there is a lot we dont know about the Screenslaver, the trailer does tell us a bit about the Screenslaver’s powerset. Watch the full trailer here: 


The trailer of the movie Incredibles 2, reveals the first look of super villain, Screenslaver. The first look of Screenslaver gives us a hint that he is surely going to hypnotize people, probably with a goal of controlling them and getting them do things for him in order to carry out his scheme. The second half of the villains name “Slaver” certainly implies that he is going to make slaves out of people. 

Thus, in short the super villain for the upcoming sequel, The Incredibles 2 has one of its major character revealed, known as the Screenslaver. 

Watch the movie in theatres on the June 15, 2018. 


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