New Incredibles 2 promo by Samuel L. Jackson knocks down the Avengers?

Samuel L. Jackson featuring as Nick Fury in Avengers has released a new promo for the Incredibles 2 which knocks down the Avengers but that’s not the last time you will see the actor in a superhero movie. Later this year, The Incredibles 2 is set to release on the 15 June 2018 which features Jackson in his original role back in 2015, the super-cool freeze-themed hero named as Frozone.


incredibles 2 Samuel L. Jackson

As you can see, the trailer showcases dialogues from the Avengers back in 2005, it seems that Jackson has confused himself with the Incredibles 2. Although the footage doesn’t include anything new, this is a great marketing stunt from Disney, knowing the fact that they own both Marvel Studios and Pixar to offer up a bit of superhero cross-promotion between Infinity War and Incredibles 2. With so many superhero movies releasing this summer, the superhero trend has definitely uplifted since The Incredibles came 13 years back.

From all that we have had from The Incredibles 2, in our understanding Incredibles  2 will see the public mood shifting back towards the supers community, which means a new series of heroes will start appearing. The team will call themselves The Wannabes and will feature the likes of Voyd, Brick, He-Lectrix and Screech. Incredibles 2 to hit theatres soon in one month’s time i.e. 15 June 18′.

Samuel-L. Jackson Incredibles 2

Grab your tickets now before they sell out!

Pixar, also says, “Wrong movie Sam”!

Wrong movie, Sam. #Incredibles2

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