Baby-sitting tips for Jack Jack- Incredibles 2?

Watch the all-new trailer for Jack-Jack babysitting trailer here:


Baby Jack-Jack, which seems to be the most powerful member of the Parr family in the upcoming sequel Incredibles 2, thus babysitting the superpowered miraculous kid seems to be a big challenge. Listed below are few of the tips. 

Jack Jack posterIncredibles 2 summer trailers show us that Jack-Jack has a lot of special powers from bursting into flames, shooting green coloured lasers out of his eyes, turning into a monster and even disappearing at times. We’ve also noticed that Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson) has a new stay-at-home dad role. So as you can see in the video above there are three simple tips: Firstly keep an eye on the baby, secondly fireproof the furniture, and lastly have plenty of cookies. 

As we saw at the end of The Incredibles, that Jack-Jack was the only normal child in the family but later during the end, we discovered he has the swiss army knife of powers. So all you fans, will soon find out how many powers does Jack-Jack have. 

Incredibles 2 releases in theatres June 15, 2018.

jack-jack incredibles 2

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