Incredibles 2 releasing soon, major SPOILERS ahead!

The Incredibles screening out soon has left fans in an aww for the movie. Seeing the fan following for the sequel here’s presenting you all the major spoilers for the movie! Let’s kickstart with the Trailer.

The first ever trailer revealed by Disney Pixar gave us a glimpse of what’s in store for the upcoming sequel. Read here for details on the trailer. 


Moving down the late we had the second trailer for The Incredibles 2 which gave fans even more hints about the characters and their superpowers! Read more about the characters and their special powers here. We all had a “suit-up” sneak peek to double up the fun. With days nearing the movie, Pixar has been releasing theme songs on Frozone, Mr.Incredible & Elastigirl. Without any second thought in my mind, being a fan of The Incredibles, we have had a lot of suspicion for the movie. Also said by many and believed by some, the movie might not be recommended for children. 

Not to mention, the supervillain, known as the Screenslaver, has created a zillion doubts in the minds of the readers though we have assumed a lot of information from the trailers and pictures and converted them into spoilers!

Stay connected for more updates and spoilers on the movie!

Releasing in theatres on 15 June 2018.

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