Incredibles 2 Alert: 2 weeks left for the sequel!

The wait for the much-awaited movie of this summer, The Incredibles 2 will be over soon as it will be released officially on the 15th June in the US, in India on the 22nd June, so and so forth worldwide by the end of June. Jack-Jack is anticipated to be the main superhero in the upcoming Incredibles sequel with the addition of the Screenslaver as the villain of the movie. The Incredibles 2 is anticipated to have a lot many superheroes compared from the last movie, with the return of previous superheroes. The sequel returning after 14 years is due to see the line up of additional superheroes coming this season. 

incredibles 2 jack-jack

Are you excited for the movie? Inside the Pixar studios, the crew is excited for the movie is making all the preparations to make it a hit. With so many superhero movies coming this summer, Incredibles 2 is anticipated to top the box-office this summer.

What are you waiting for?

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