How would a McDonald’s happy meal sound with Incredibles toys?

As a 90’s kid, we all loved to have those happy meal toys with our share of french fries and coke(that is what mattered the most). The concept of happy meals was having a toy along with the meal thus, happy=toy, meal=food. Previously I remember, from my personal experience, finding those adorable minions as toys in the happy meal gave me happiness as a kid. We all have had happy meals one day or the other as kids. Its been a while that we have had many Disney toys as McDonald’s and Disney haven’t collaborated. This is happening soon and we will have the all-new Incredibles 2 character toys in our happy meals from the 15th June(with the release of the Incredibles 2). USA Today reported that the toys for the Incredibles 2 are the first collaboration in Disney and McDonald’s new partnership, and should be out in golden arches by the mid-June, just in time for the movie’s release on 15 June. 


The Incredibles 2, in cinemas on the 15th June, will be given away as toys in the McDonald’s happy meal toys. Find the toys in different characters from the film including Jack-Jack, Edna Mode, Mr.Incredible and maybe the supervillain-Screenslaver!

the-incredibles-2 poster

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