Incredibles 2: Film Review!

The Incredibles are back with their super-powers and the story repeats many of the story beats of the first film.


Going down the memory lane, 14 years back, when the Incredibles first released and was a massive hit as we barely had superhero films then. The Incredibles fans were keen to see the second part of the movie which is finally coming in theatres this June. The much-anticipated superhero film, Incredibles 2 already has great first social reactions from the premiere it had a week before. 

Not much has been known on the Incredibles so far, but we have had sneak peek’s, trailers, spoilers etc to keep us updated and rise our excitement levels for the sequel. In Incredibles 2, as already said the story picks up seconds above from where the previous Incredibles left thus it may have been 14 years of time gap, but Bird covers it all. So far, Jack-Jack seems to be a super-powered kid in the new sequel and is termed as the “show-stealer” by viewers. Incredibles 2 will see more of animation than action, filled with superheroes and a lot of power. In short, Incredibles is going to be a fun packed movie for both kids, youngsters and adults. 

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 Incredibles 2 in cinemas this June!


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