Incredibles 2 Update: Edna Mode latest video clip!

The 14 year wait is over tonight. Avoiding spoilers is always in fashion, dahling. 💥 #Incredibles2

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I am sure all you fans based in the US would be waiting for the much-awaited sequel after a 14-year long wait. Well, finally the day has arrived when Incredibles 2 releases on screens and you can rush to your nearest cinemas right away. For all the other fans, you are important too and will soon have the Incredibles 2 released this June.

Not really a spoiler, but watch EDNA MODE from Incredibles 2 in the above post from Disney Pixar. Incredibles 2 is coming with some very new characters added to the movie for a more super-powered experience! 

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets now!


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