Incredibles 2: Jack-Jack 14 Powers Explained!

Warning: If you still haven’t watched Incredibles 2, turn around and go watch it. Continuing to read without seeing the movie is no different from donning a cape and fighting crime. Let’s just say it’s ill-advised.

The lucky country, USA, has finally got the sequel and the 14-year wait is over for them. The Incredibles 2 is now playing in cinemas and is getting amazing reviews. In this article, I am going to tell you the 14 powers which Jack-Jack has in the newly released sequel Incredibles 2. 

Here goes the 14 powers, 1 for each year of wait.

Nearing the end of Incredibles 2, Mr.Incredible mentions that his son, “Jack-Jack has 17 powers”. I will pick up on them one by one. If you find any missing, please mention in the comments section below so I can edit my mistake. 



As seen Jack-Jack has the power to multiply himself as in make multiple copies. So yeah, so many Jack-Jack’s.

Demon Transformation

Continuing from the Incredibles, Jack-Jack had this power of converting himself into a purple looking demon when he is angry or doesn’t get a cookie.


Jack-Jack has this very special power of burning into flames. Everything this super-powered child would touch catches fire and burns into flames.

Laser Eyes

We’ve already seen this in a lot of clips, so ya the kid can shoot green lazers from his eyes.


He has this very special power of transforming his size as desired. Big-Small, yeah, that’s in his hands.

Dimension Hopping 

Jack-Jack can hop from one dimension to the other.

Carbon-copy features (metamorphosis)

He can replicate the other person’s features including Hair, Face etc.

Super strength

Many times in the movie, Jack-Jack shows the strength he has. For once he tosses the chairs like nothing happened.


Despite wrestling for several minutes with a raccoon who has razor-sharp claws, Jack-Jack doesn’t sustain so much as a scratch. Bob even mentions this in the movie.


Jack-Jack seems to make himself weightless and floats around everywhere. 


On at least two occasions, Jack-Jack demonstrates limited telekinesis: once when fighting with the racoon, and once on the boat when he takes Elastigirl’s goggles off without touching them.

Sneeze-induced flight

At least twice in the movie, Jack-Jack tends to fly with the sneeze.

Electricity emission

This is barely visible for a second in the movie.

Walking through walls (and glass)

Not really sure of how he does it, becoming intangible or changing the properties of the wall. But either way, he does it.

I hope you find the explanations interesting. Let me know the best power (according to you) in the comments section below.

Other countries to get Incredibles 2 this June!

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