Incredibles 2 Viewers Point of view. (Movie Review)

The first part of this Hollywood movie released this Friday was released almost 15 years ago, and at the box office of the country and abroad, this film created a new history of success and collection, while many awards were also nominated for the film. 

Part 2 of the movie is better on every criterion from the previous movie. A fantastic story has been done on the film’s story and script. While the film’s technical team has worked hard, many action scenes in an animated film have become so great that they even beat Hollywood’s action movies. Well, if I talk about dubbing stars for Hollywood movies by Bollywood stars, Arshad Warsi in the Pirates of the Caribbean was heard speaking in their own style, Ranveer Singh for the 20th Century Fox star’s Deadpool 2 released in the past. Gave your voice. In this sequence, Kajol now gave her voice for the Superpower Beauty Elastigirl in Incredibles 2. Another special feature of this movie is that in Part 2, the story and characters have not been tampered with, the movie starts almost from where the last movie was over. 

Story Plot: There is a great loss of occupation and public property in the city. Because of this, the leaders order that all superheroes in the world will hide their true identity just like ordinary people and will not use their special power anywhere. If superheroes do this then they will also have legal action. Just being unhappy with this, Mr. Incredible is troubled by thinking of his family how to live with such a life. Meanwhile, there is a proposal of Winston Davar near the Incredible one day. Let Winston know that he is a fan of the superheroes and wants to finish the ban on superheroes worldwide. Winston does a plan in which every superhero has to prove his worth by showing his special power. It starts with Elastigirl stopping a fast speed uncontrollable bull train. Elastigirl bullet saves the lives of all the stranded passengers in the train. Then there is another villain Screensaver’s entry. Now to see what happens next to it, you have to go to Theater to meet Mr. Incredible and their super-power family. 

Many scenes of the film are amazing, especially with Mr. Supercross, the youngest son of Mr. Incredibles, who have super-scenes, from children to old age, to surprise the old men. In the lap, you need a biscuit sitting in a small jack and doing something that you just keep watching. While everything seems to be incriminating in the previous movie, this time, this time he appears in his bungalow in more part of the film to handle the children, i.e., seems to be elastigirl in the action scene. Comedy has a good temperament in the film and there are many such scenes that will give your son-mono a chance to live happily. If the film is the best in technology, then all the scenes made in 3D are amazing. And yes, with this film you will also see a little lovely movie on the screen, then what’s the matter of late.

If you still haven’t seen the Incredibles 2, book your tickets now. 

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